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Postcards in the (home) archive 1944-1945

a guest post by Stephen Grant Printed on address side: THE WASHINGTON NEWS COMPANY THIS SPACE FOR WRITING MESSAGES 14 436 ‘COLOURPICTURE’: PUBLICATION, CAMBRIDGE, MASS. U. S. A. POST CARD Written message: “Hello Little Chum, Haven’t seen this building as yet. Honestly Pat this Wash. gets me – Guess I’m just a country girl. Hope everything is going along smoothly at the office and with all your men –– Say hello to Paul for me!Continue Reading

Recipes for Survival

a guest post by Hannah Baker Saltmarsh [[content note: discussions of pregnancy and loss of pregnancies (both intentional and not)]] Jamaica Kincaid’s well-known short story, “Girl” (1978) presents a recipe of womanhood, concocted by patriarchal and colonial oppression but also inscribed with creative resistance. The knowledge passed from mother to daughter involves instructions on cooking, maintaining one’s social position, and keeping a home, but also includes tips about managing fertility.… Continue Reading

Twill tape, plus toggles, plus toggler, equals quick-ties

Several people got the general purpose of the device pictured in the December Crocodile Mystery, but no one described precisely how it works or what it is called. Indeed, it is used in the creation of the “quick ties” that provide a temporary means of keeping loose boards together with their associated text blocks. The device pictured was invented by a Folger staff member and doesn’t have an official name, but it’s generally known as a “toggler.”… Continue Reading

“What manner o’ thing is your crocodile?”: December 2022

According to the fine print, The Collation‘s monthly Crocodile Mystery is a “series on identifying objects in our collection” so this mystery object sneaks in on a technicality. It is not part of the Folger collection, but it is in the collection’s physical space. What is it called, and what is it for? Let us know what you think in the Comments.… Continue Reading

Interpreting Systems that Make Place

a guest post by Lehua Yim It’s not often that one has the opportunity to study a fully digitized, 420-ish year old, almost 750 page manuscript that never went where it was supposed to go. This manuscript, Folger MS V.b.182, is barely mentioned in scholarship, with only a handful of scholars interested in its contents. Instead, it mostly appears as a kind of footnote in the biography of an Elizabethan administrator whose influential relationship to Shakespeare’s plays, sixteenth-century English pageantry and theater history, and government censorship drives most interest in his life and work.… Continue Reading

The habitability of our planet—is it only a contemporary issue?

a guest post by Mauricio Onetto Over the past decade various states and scientific agencies that promote science at a global level and study climate change have invested in research programs to study the habitability of our planet and also of other planets. They have sought to understand some forms of adaptation and resistance that certain organisms have in extreme ecosystems (poles, deserts, etc.),… Continue Reading