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“What manner o’thing is your crocodile?”: July 2018

This month’s Crocodile Mystery is a group affair. Share your thoughts on what these items have in common in the comments section! (Answers of “on paper” or “beige,” although true, don’t count).


      • Well, if it weren’t for the third image, I would have guessed “comedies”, but that one clearly contains several tragedies (and the fifth one probably does as well). So I think I’ll have to stick with “plays” for now!

  • … plays performed during Christmas-season festivities staged by The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn ?

  • With Meaghan’s hint, I’m going to guess they all contain a reference to a revenge tragedy.

    • I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t think the John Day play mentioned in the first source is a revenge tragedy. How about plays with sequels / plays consisting of more than one “part”?

      • Or plays featuring kings, come to think of it. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one in every document.

  • Written pages look like a hodgepodge of plays that were finally all published alphabetically in a printed text

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