Every Wednesday, the @FolgerResearch twitter account posts an item with links to objects in the Folger Digital Image Collection. Sometimes the featured items are complete works (an entire manuscript or book that has been digitized), sometimes they are a grouping of discrete items (maps or images of flowers).

If you are on twitter, you can follow @FolgerResearch and the #wunderkammer tweets will show up in your stream, along with our announcements about programs and other Folger matters, as well as highlights from readers’ research, and Renaissance and library news from across the twittersphere. If you are not on twitter, you can find the weekly #wunderkammer here. Each tweet below is interactive, so click on the links to open up that week’s collection; once in the Digital Image Collection, you can explore those items or other items by following the links in the sidebars. New #wunderkammer tweets will be posted here as well as tweeted, so you can always check back for new tweets or to browse through past tweets.

Below, in reverse chronological order, are the #wunderkammer tweets from 2013–2014. You can also follow these links to get to the 2011 #wunderkammer tweets and the 2012 #wunderkammer tweets.