The Collation is a blog featuring scholarship from the Folger Shakespeare Library, a world-class center for scholarship, learning, culture, and the arts. Home to the world’s largest Shakespeare collection and a primary repository for research material from the early modern period (1500–1750), the Folger Shakespeare Library is an internationally recognized research library offering advanced scholarly programs in the humanities. The Folger’s collections include rare printed books, manuscripts, works of art, audiovisual materials, and modern scholarship, extending beyond the study of Shakespeare to early modern culture and the theatrical history of his plays. This blog was begun in August 2011 by Sarah Werner, who acted as its Editor and lead writer until June 2015. The blog is currently managed by Abbie Weinberg, with the editorial guidance of Heather Wolfe, Caroline Duroselle-Melish, and Erin Blake.

Curious about why this site is called The Collation? Check out the first post for an introduction to what collation means. Wondering what are the books pictured in our header? “The books on our shelf” will tell you what they are and why they’re featured in the header.

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A note about the images used on this site: Most of the images used in The Collation are of items in the Folger collections. Items from the Folger Digital Image Collection are taken by the Folger’s Photography Department and are identified with the relevant call number and linked either to Luna, the Folger’s Digital Image Collection, or to Hamnet, the Folger online catalog. Unless under non-Folger copyright, images from Luna are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This allows you to use our images without additional permission provided that you cite the Folger Shakespeare Library as the source and you license anything you create using the images under the same or equivalent license. For more information, including permissions beyond the scope of this license, see the Folger’s Permissions Policy.

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