“What manner o’ thing is your crocodile?”: July 2013

What shall we make of this?

July crocodile (click to embiggen)

July crocodile (click to embiggen)

And what can we learn from it?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and then come back next week for the reveal!

Author: The Collation

The Collation is the author used for "crocodile mystery" posts, Q&A's with Folger staff, and other general posts.


  1. Does it have to do with the misplaced sort (“that” becomes “thnt”) in the running title on C1v?

  2. Looks like a quarto, so the right hand leaf – if it really is c2r – should prob be folio 10 rather than folio 12. That it?

    • Yes—it really is C2r and it really should be fol. 10, not 12! It’s not as obvious an error as “thnt” and they’re happening for different reasons, but both tell us something about how the book was made.

  3. The first things I noticed were the stab-stitching holes in the gutter, but that’s probably because stab-stitching is my current research obsession.

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