“What manner o’ thing is your crocodile?”: December edition

If it’s a new month, it must be time for a new crocodile mystery, and so:

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As always, we invite your your thoughts below on what this might be and what we might learn from it!

Author: Sarah Werner

SARAH WERNER held a number of roles during her time at the Folger, including Editor of The Collation (2011–2015), Digital Media Strategist (2013–2015), and Undergraduate Program Director (2006–2013).


  1. The fastening of the middle of a vovelle, I’d assume.

  2. This must be the cap and thread holding a volvelle to a leaf in a book.

  3. Looks like a little “button” holding a volvelle on the page.

  4. I must confess that, at first glance, I thought it could be a previously-unknown Vorticist image by Wyndham Lewis, from his 1912 “Timon of Athens” designs, perhaps a companion piece to http://luna.folger.edu/luna/servlet/s/42p30y

  5. It is indeed the button in the middle of a volvelle attaching the various layers to the page. I was drawn to it in part because it is such a graphically interesting one–wait until you see the little figure printed on the “pointer” part that spins–and because the button appearance of Erin’s itty-bitty tab divider from last month reminded me of it.

    More on volvelles coming up on Monday!

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